Land Advisory

Land Advisory

Land selection and land acquisition process in India is often the most tedious and critical component of real estate development. Our expert land investment and advisory team of town planners and lawyers navigate the complexities of land acquisition & disposition process. We have strong relationships with investors, property owners, end users and developers that enable us to be up-to-the-minute on market events, clear hurdles and control the process. 

Under Land Advisory Services, Informage provides legal, operational and strategic consulting services to maximize the potential of land in the shortest time possible.  We conduct detailed analysis of micro markets, applicable policies and market potential before venturing into any land acquisition

Our Services Include:

  • Land acquisition planning
  • Land advisory
  • Structuring of deal (Collaborations, Joint Ventures)
  • Change of land use/license application
  • Final negotiation and agreement to sell (ATS)
  • Documentation management
  • Receiving proposal inquiries
  • Possession, fencing evaluation of land proposals

Land acquisition: We help our clients acquire land for a specific project and for investment. Our expertise in masterplan and regulatory analysis enables us to mitigate any risks associated with land. We are also well equipped with the market data and the necessary tools to determine the best transaction structure. We analyse various collaboration and joint-venture models in detail to determine a mutually beneficial deal.